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Risco RefiT – transaction reporting system for banks
and other financial institutions, valuations and collateral
to trade repositories in accordance with the EMIR Regulation,
taking into account changes resulting from EMIR REFIT.

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system do obsługi SFTR


A module of Cesarz system to reporting of the transactions
according to SFTR Regulation.

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Module dedicated to fullfilment of MiFID II Directive: RTS27, RTS 28 and
compliance with the "best executions" requirements

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Module dedicated to fullfilment of MiFID II Directive: RTS27, RTS 28 and
compliance with the "best executions" requirements

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A system for reporting transactions to KDPW_TR
or other central trade repositories

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A system of central transaction clearing
in CCP clearing houses (KDPW_CCP)

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system automatycznego generowania dokumentów

Risco Printouts

System for automatic generation and storage
of documents, template creation
and printout download

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Risco Electronic

An interface integrating the e-Seizures
module of the KIR Ognivo system
with selected information systems of a bank

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Transaction processing systems

Processing and monitoring of processes related to bank transactions.


Credit process management systems

Comprehensive and specialised management of a number of processes related to granting bank credits.


Electronic banking systems

Comprehensive portals built to meet the specific requirements of a bank.


Document flow systems

Systems for ordering the information flow in a bank.


Reporting systems

Systems, which facilitate reporting by banks to external institutions.


Sales management systems

Support for sales processes pertaining to bank products and products of other financial sector institutions.

The Risco Text Recognition System

An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system for managing various types of documents, the content of which ought to be transformed for use in data management systems.


FrontEnd systems

Currently, within the framework of R&D activities, a new product, Risco Software, is being created on the basis of the FrontEnd application – it is the Risco Receivables Internet platform, which standardises and simplifies the sales process of past-due bank receivables.

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